Write For Right promotes education and health through creation of media including, books, music, poetry, film and art.  Write For Right assists creators, writers and artists to gain access to the tools, education and support that they need to create and publish their works around the world.


The positive therapeutic and educational effects of writing (both fact and fiction) and creating works of art are well recognized to improve health, happiness and reduce crime. In the United States and around the world many people who could benefit from self expression through writing and creating works of art have little or no tools, education or support to create or publish their work. These disadvantaged groups of people include people who are in poverty, prisoners, ex-offenders and the handicapped.


WRITE NOW PROGRAM: The Write Now Program starts by focusing efforts on the ever growing population of prison inmates and ex-offenders by helping to install basic tools and programs in prisons that help facilitate writing of books and music and provide support to selected ex-offenders to enable them to publish and promote their works. Many people are unaware of the fact that the majority of prisoners in the United States (and many other countries) have no access to word processors even in facilities where computers are present for educational purposes. For more information about the Write Now Project (click here).


The Write For Right Project is supported and facilitated by the strategic partners listed below.

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