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The Write Now Program starts by focusing efforts on the ever growing population of prison inmates and ex-offenders by helping to install basic tools and programs in prisons that help facilitate writing of books and music and provide support to selected ex-offenders to enable them to publish and promote their works. Many people are unaware that the majority of prisoners in the United States (and many other countries) have no access to word processors even in facilities where computers are present for educational purposes. In some cases many prisoners do not even have pencils or paper provided on which to write anything.

In the United States the lack of education, facilitates and support for writing (and other programs) within the prison systems is due largely to budget and resource constraints that have resulted from the extraordinary increase rate of incarceration since the 1980’s. To a large extent the general public is unaware that since the 1980’s most opportunities for education and self improvement within state, federal and country jails have become almost non-existent as the emphasis of the prison system has shifted from re-rehabilitation to coping with increased capacity.

The positive therapeutic and educational effects of writing (both fact and fiction) and creating works of art are well recognized to improve health, happiness and reduce crime. The goals of the Write Now Program are to:

  • Assist prisons by providing and installing systems and infrastructure within prisons that enable prisoners to write at little or no cost to prisons.
  • Assist with providing writing and education programs to prisoners at little or no cost to prisons.
  • Provide jobs and assistance in publishing to prisoners and ex-offenders who are producing works of writing, art and music.
  • To sell works of writing, art and music for profit to provide (and prove) a sustainable business model in furtherance of this program.
  • To reduce rates of recidivism by ex-offenders and to reduce violence in prison through education and opportunities to be creative.

In spite of the current lack of resources available to inmates in prisons many still produce relevant and important works of art and writing. As part of this program selected works from ex-offenders will be sourced and published.

Works to be considered can be emailed to: submission@WriteForRight.Com OR sent via mail to:

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